Friday, October 21, 2011

In Search of Sasquatch is an engaging work of non-fiction. The book examines the stories of Sasquatch over the years and compiles the evidence (both anecdotal and scientific) in one slick volume.

Fascinating facts about Sasquatch and background on how that information was obtained will keep readers turning the pages of this well put together book and begging their parents to add plaster of paris to their weekly shopping list!
In addition to legends, footprints and reported sightings, the author adds intresting facts about the "Sierra Sounds" i.e. Big Foot language, a transcript of a 911 call and a story about how actor Jimmy Stewart smuggled a Yeti finger to the United States in his wife's suitcase.

Illustrations, photos, and archival images and add intrigue to the text and make this a book that will be returned to again and again. A glossary and a healthy "learn more about it" section includes books, videos and websites - enough to keep an interested reader busy until the next Sasquatch sighting.