Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Displays

I am always amazed at how fast books (any books) which are placed on display will get scooped up by patrons looking for their next favorite read.  I could just put an assortment of books out on easels and people would check them out.... but where's the fun in that?  

Here are a few of my latest displays, just for fun.

Dr. Seuss on the Loose!

Seuss books on display with home-made Trufulla Trees.  The only challenge with this eye catching display is keeping it stocked.  I stole the Trufulla Tree directions from this blog
These were so much fun to make and really brighten up a book display. 

Better Together!

I find that many people request the print book along with the audio so that they can read along as they listen.  I wrapped these up into a pretty little display. It's a fantastic time saver and it looks super cute.               Give yourself the gift of reading!

 Easy-Peasy a book, an audio and some curling ribbon. 

The MVD (Most Valuable Display)

I work with the public school to get a copies of their recommended summer reading lists.  I have copies of the list available and we pull all the books (that are in) and put them on display together by school.  This saves staff time and is SO CONVENIENT for patrons who are searching for these titles. Having the lists here at the public library has been an amazing tool, many people forget them at home and are relieved to find that we have them. Totally makes us look like ROCK STARS!

 Don't Judge a Book by its Cover! 

Who hasn't heard this sage advice?  This displays doesn't allow any judging.  We covered up some of those books that have less than appealing covers.  The inside flap descriptions are copied and pasted onto the back so patrons can make their selections based on what the book is about, not by its cover.  We let them unwrap it after they read the book.  SO.MUCH.FUN!!

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