Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Adventures of John Smith Jr. AKA Houdini by Peter Johnson

John Smith (dubbed Houdini due to his obsession with the magician) is inspired to write his own novel after an author visits his school. He is the best writer in his class and feels he is better equipped to write about kids than a grown-up pretending to be a kid. Additionally, Houdini has plenty of real life fodder for his own novel; a brother serving in Iraq, a father on the brink of loosing his job, a bully who is plaguing him and two best friends who have plenty of their own issues to spice things up. Alternately affecting and hilarious. This realistic glimpse into the lives of middle-school boys will surely work its own magic upon readers. Suggested for grades 5 - 8.

Fans of "Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to NOT Reading" by Tommy Greenwald will surely like this one!

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